Six Hot and Glassy

August 22 – October 11, 2020

Katherine Bernhardt, Ashley Bickerton, Katherine Bradford,
Sabra Moon Elliot, Herbie Fletcher, Roy Fowler, Mary Heilmann,
Judith Hudson, Yung Jake, Liz Markus, Dan McCarthy, Raymond Pettibon, Alexis Rockman, Lucien Smith, Keith Sonnier, and Lucy Winton

26 Ardsley Road, Wainscott, NY 11975

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Wainscott – Tripoli Gallery is pleased to present Six Hot and Glassy, a surfing inspired group exhibition featuring Katherine Bernhardt, Ashley Bickerton, Katherine Bradford, Sabra Moon Elliot, Herbie Fletcher, Roy Fowler, Mary Heilmann, Judith Hudson, Yung Jake, Liz Markus, Dan McCarthy, Raymond Pettibon, Alexis Rockman, Lucien Smith, Keith Sonnier, and Lucy Winton. On view from August 22nd to September 28th, the exhibition can be viewed by appointment at 26 Ardsley Road, Wainscott, NY 11975, and online at www.tripoligallery.com.

Inspired by surfing and the culture that surrounds it, Six Hot and Glassy is a summer exhibition that features artists from New York to California and Bali, whose works and lifestyles have been influenced by the ocean, coastal living, and the art of surfing. A sport that has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few decades, surfing is uniquely connected to the natural world and the elements to which we are so deeply indebted. Vital to our collective well-being, we must pay greater attention to nature during an international pandemic as we all respond to our planet’s uncharted future. The ocean and its varied conditions directly affect the artistry of the surfer, as well as artists and viewers alike.

Mary Heilmann, who co-curated and titled the exhibition, has always been inspired by the ocean. From high diving in her formative years, to moving to the coast of Southern California in the 50s where she became a big fan of surfing, Mary remembers when Gidget hit the big screen and surfing transitioned from rugged pursuit to popular pastime. Mary’s newly created painting, Windansea, is inspired by the local surf scene, the waves that surround us, and her formative years in California.

“Living right up the road from the ocean is perfect for having a show about waves. And I am in Bridgehampton and look at the waves all the time. I can even hear them. And the show at Tripoli Gallery about waves is a perfect choice for perfect waves. I am obsessed with the geometry of waves, and I love the gallery walls because the plywood grain looks like waves.” – Mary Heilmann

A legendary contributor to surfing’s trajectory, Herbie Fletcher was a major part of the new approach to surfing, alongside his wife Dibi and their sons, Christian and Nathan. In 1976 he founded Astrodeck, the first company making surfboard traction pads that helped to initiate aerial surfing, which radically changed the sport. In last year’s exhibition at Gagosian, the Fletcher family demonstrated their lifelong connection to the ocean, their original approaches to life, and their generations of game changers including Christian’s son, Greyson, a surfer and skater who created a quarter pipe skateboard ramp.

Ashley Bickerton, who moved from New York to Bali in 1993 (where he and Tripoli first met surfing in 1997), exhibits a sculpture made of four components: cigarettes, broken glass, pigment and cheese doodles. Ashley communicates the commodities and cultures of today, collected fragments that remind us of contemporary life on our planet.

In her distinctive painterly approach, Katherine Bernhardt creates new works of Tripoli surfing, engulfed in the elements with only a glimpse of the beach in the background. Other works include Alexis Rockman’s inventive seascape of Hawaii referencing the history of the islands, Katherine Bradford’s paintings of luminous figures wading through surf and playing tennis, the playful and lively paintings of surfers by Liz Markus and Dan McCarthy, and a classic wave drawing by Raymond Pettibon.

Notably, the exhibition highlights a sculpture by the late Keith Sonnier, a dear friend and inspiration to the gallery and our community. We are honored by his inclusion.

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Top Image:
Installation view of Six Hot and Glassy, Photo by Kira BuckelForeground Artworks (L to R):
Keith Sonnier, Long Board, 2018, cedar wood, encaustic paint, 9.25 x 77.5 x 1 inches (23.5 x 196.9 x 2.5 cm)
Herbie Fletcher, Blood Water, 2019, Red Mud and oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 inches (152.4 x 121.9 cm)Background Artworks (L to R):
Alexis Rockman, Hawaii, 2020, ink and acrylic on paper, 18 x 24 inches (45.7 x 61 cm)
Raymond Pettibon, No Title (The fact of…), 2003, ink on paper, 14 3/5 x 17 3/4 inches (36.8 x 44.8 cm)