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In Process @ The Watermill Center


A Behind-The-Scenes Look at The Work of

Ville Andersson and Passepartout Duo


The Watermill Center, an interdisciplinary laboratory for the arts and humanities located in Water Mill, NY, kicks off the first of its 2022 In Process series with an intimate look into the work of Finnish visual artist, Ville Andersson, and the Italian musical group, Passepartout Duo on Friday, March 18.

“In Process is a unique chance for the community to experience the creative process of artists from around the world,” shares Elka Rifkin, Director of The Watermill Center. “We position In Process in the middle of an artist’s residency to provide them the chance to share their work at its early stages and use the remainder of their time at The Center to continue its development. The series allows the public to become an active and engaged part of an artist’s process.”

In Process @ The Watermill Center is an ongoing series of studio visits and open rehearsals that invites audiences of all ages and backgrounds to gain insight into how artists from across the globe develop new work. Attendees are invited to visit the studio of each artist for a presentation of the work they are developing during their residency at The Center, followed by a brief Q&A.


Finnish artist Ville Andersson is a recipient of The Watermill Center’s 2022 Inga Maren Otto Fellowship, which provides support for visual artists who have demonstrated exceptional creative ability in their field. During his fellowship, Andersson will be building upon Desert Music, a body of ink and pencil drawings he began during his 2018 residency at The Watermill Center that explores the stone works and sculptures curated throughout The Center’s building and grounds.


“The Watermill Center is one of my favorite places, and I am excited to have the opportunity to return there for a residency,” shares Andersson. “The residency will provide a time of reflection, research, development, experimentation. The process and background research take a huge part of my work, even though it is not really present. At the same time, I will be open to surprises occurring in the creative process. A long stay at The Center will provide me the ideal time to focus on my practice and also let the surrounding artworks, buildings, and library inspire these artistic pursuits.”  


Image: As Quiet As A Cloud Floating Across The Desert Sky / Andersson.jpg



Passepartout Duo is a music group from Italy composed of pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito. The duo will use their residency at The Watermill Center to explore the creation of new electronic interfaces for Reconfigured Landscapes. Combining research on textile fibers with electronic synthesis, the process aims to question the role of a musical interface today, making it an expression of the place it is built-in, influenced by the local identity, geography, and natural resources. At the crossroad between an art installation and a performance, the final result will leave space for the audience to exert an active role in the soundscape by manipulating the textiles in space.


“The time spent at art institutions like The Watermill Center is very precious to our practice because of the value given to interdisciplinary approaches,” shares the duo. “Places like this are a springboard for us to try new things, often guided by the feedback of other artists and audiences. We are also looking forward to diving into and being inspired by the collection at The Center.”


Image — Passepartout Duo_FuzzySynth_NicolettaFavari.jpeg 



The Watermill Center’s Artist Residency Program is process-based, providing artists with the time, space, and freedom to develop their work in a communal environment that encourages experimentation. Artists-in-Residence receives exclusive access to The Center’s expansive art collection, research library, theatrical archives, carefully curated facilities, and manicured grounds as tools in the creation of new and exciting work.


Artistic Director, Robert Wilson


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