Presented by the Water Mill Museum

-hundreds of quilts crafted by a variety of distinguished quilters-

August 17 to September 3, 2023


The Raffle Quilt, 2023, made by Bonnie Frank 


(WATER MILL, NY,  MONDAY, AUG. 1, 2023) — BACK AGAIN: A delightful collection of creative quilts in all sizes and patterns with bedcovers and throws, from classic, “Crazy”, vintage and baby quilts, to textile wall art, and accessory items. The collection is huge and handcrafted by seasoned quilters and offered for sale.  Visitors will enjoy a colorful world of quilt patterns and designs!

WHY QUILTS? Here’s why: The 1644 water-powered grist mill that named this hamlet, Water Mill, was almost lost to us!  But, almost 50 years ago in 1976, concerned residents and friends  joined forces to save it. They designed and sewed up a quilt that pictured the scenes of Water Mill. Ponds, tractors, windmills, birds, and more. To raise money using this quilt, they traveled Long Island to sell raffle tickets at events. Many were members of the Ladies Auxiliary of Water Mill. They raised the funds needed to do needed repairs, hence, we have The Water Mill Museum today. 

IT’S PERSONAL: An annual Raffle Quilt is still offered at the annual Quilt Show & Sale. This year, Mr. Warren Frank donated several beautiful handmade quilts to the Water Mill Museum. They were lovingly crafted by his wife, Bonnie Frank. This is what her niece, Sharon Rosati, wrote about her Aunt Bonnie’s quilting: 

“This is so wonderful that Uncle Warren donated her quilts to raffle. She would definitely have approved. Bonnie was an amazing person and had such a talent for sewing and quilting. (…) Bonnie gave me my first quilting mat and accessories, and then, when my daughter was old enough to sew, she began teaching her how to do quilt pieces.”  


The Quilt Show & Sale carries on the tradition of raffling a quilt off annually,

which preserves the ‘mill’ as a premier local history museum. 

With the original 1976 quilt is back on display and part of the permanent collection. 


Quilt Show Calendar:   August 17 to September 3

Open Daily 11am-4pm, Sundays 1-4pm, Closed Wednesdays

Admission $5 


The Water Mill Museum

41 Old Mill Road, Water Mill, NY 11976


(631) 726-4625 



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