Historic Lt. Moses Case House
Relocation and Restoration
Phase 1 Completed
The first phase was completed earlier this month when the house on the corner of Horton’s Lane and County Road 48, which was no longer livable, was removed. The site, locally known as Cleo’s Corner, has now been prepared for a new foundation to support the Lt. Moses Case House.
In Phase II, a new foundation will be poured in anticipation of Phase III when the historic 1747 house will be moved to Cleo’s Corner. This move will recreate a farmstead on five acres of protected farmland. The move is expected to occur in November.
Once relocated, the outside of Case House will be restored to its historic beginning during Phase IV of the project. Renovation on the inside will also be done to provide for functional living space.
Interested in learning more and getting involved? Contact Holly Sanford or Amanda Abraham at 631.283.3195.
Update provided by the Peconic Land Trust.