Tesla Laboratory Drawing, Archival Image Courtesy of Tesla Science Center. Additional archival images & related text in the Archive Addendum below. 


Tesla Laboratory Restoration


Tesla Laboratory at Wardenclyffe designed by the architect Stanford White. Photo: August 19, 2020.









—– Tesla Lab Interiors, August 19, 2020 —–









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Tesla Lab photographs © Jeff Heatley.


>>>>> Tesla Archival Images & Related Text <<<<<

Archival Photos courtesy of Tesla Science Center. 








Illustration from Nikola Tesla letter, 1908.




Train Schedule w/ Stops at Shoreham Station (Wardenclyffe).


Wardenclyffe (Shoreham) Train Station, Port Jefferson Branch, Long Island Railroad.





In 1898, Tesla demonstrated a ‘radio-controlled boat’ (foreground) at an exhibition at Madison Square Garden.



Tesla Generator. 


Demolition of the 187′ tall Tower — under the suspicion that Germans spies were using the Tower, the United States Government ordered its destruction.The Electrical Experimenter, September, 1917.


Archival Photographs courtesy of Tesla Science Center.