Colin Goldberg, Invictus, 2020. Acrylic and pigment print on linen.


Art, Technology, and Emotion:



Monday, September 13, 8PM Eastern on YouTube Live

In March of 2021, digital art made the news when an NFT (non-fungible token) sold for over $69 million dollars, all while digital art has been making an impact on the art world since the 1980’s. 

Please join Tahoe Silicon Mountain, a California-based network of entrepreneurs and professionals, on Monday, September 13th, where artist Colin Goldberg will present on Techspressionism, “an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.”

In this presentation, Goldberg will give a brief introduction to Techspressionism and how it relates to artistic movements of the past. Goldberg will also discuss Techspressionism’s evolution through the pandemic and its relationship to the concept of Social Sculpture as developed by German artist Joseph Beuys in the 1970’s. He’ll share his own personal development as an artist, including an overview of his oeuvre and how his involvement with technology has informed his studio practice as an artist, from the BBS scene of the 1980’s through Manhattan’s Silicon Alley of the 1990’s to the NFT phenomenon of today. 

Please join us on Monday, September 13, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time online at The event will be available on YouTube as a livestream and after the event. Questions from the audience will be accepted via YouTube Live.




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