On Saturday, July 25th, 2020 from 4pm-7pm, heat, rain, or shine, Eastville Community Historical Society celebrates community, unity, and fellowship, that is what the Fish Fry means to the greater community. The 35th Annual Fish Fry is a staple event that is known to draw people from far and near ! The Fish Fry started out as a fundraiser that was done on the grounds of the Historic St. David AME Zion. We have teamed up with Mr. Smith’s Seafood II and More to deliver the flavor and transport you back in time. Mr. Smith’s has been showcased on television news12, fox news 5 and YouTube RMDFoodAdventures.

Church! The beginnings of the Fish Fry had a meager beginning, when people actually cooked with LOVE, that is the major ingredient in “Soul Food”. There was a time when people needed their soul’s feed, to break bread with their neighbor, say hello, how are the children? The mission, survival and longevity of the Fish Fry is a friend-raiser and huge success because it depends on the participation of members, friends and the greater community who wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eastville’s Fish Fry is a family reunion of sorts, an event where catch-up with pals you haven’t seen in years; an event where the good of the welfare of others is concerned; an event where you see the snowbirds who made it back safely and hopefully in one piece. This year we experienced two public health crisis, Covid-19 and Racism. The victims of Covid-19 and public lynching of George Floyd sparked a reckoning of change. The Fish Fry is an event where everyone can slow down a bit; congregate and smile as you see, ear to ear; there is no shortage of hugs either. Last but not least, food is always the main attraction, that’s how we get all smiles, hugs just all-around good vibes. Not to mention the ticket price hasn’t risen in years and in today’s world you couldn’t go through a drive-thru for $25.00.

Get Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/35th-annual-fish-fry-tickets-113857761630


The Mission of the Eastville Community Historical Society is to preserve historic buildings and research, collect and disseminate information about the history of the Eastville area of Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, County of Suffolk, State of New York, and one of the earliest known working-class communities composed of African Americans, Native Americans and European immigrants…



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