Update on Sam the Bald Eagle

For 3 weeks our hearts have been broken, and we know yours have been too. Thank you all for your kindness during this difficult time. We know that Sam is special to many, many people. We want to let you know that law enforcement officials are actively investigating the case, and that at this time we do not have anything to report. Please know that we will be sure to update you as soon as we have news.

We are willing not to press charges if the eagle is returned to us safely. He can be dropped off at the Refuge, at any nearby vet or at another safe location, and we can be notified anonymously through one of the tip hotlines on the poster.

Below is the latest reward poster. A great way for you to help us is to simply share it on social media, or print and post anywhere near you.

Thank you to everyone who has helped by sending supportive words, putting up posters, sharing on social media, stopping by, and for the local individuals and businesses who have went out of their way to share their surveillance videos.

It is a crazy world we live in, but we won’t give up hope and we will stay positive. Thank you for being a friend of the Refuge. We will keep you updated.

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