To our patrons, supporters and friends: 

At this painful time for our country, we recognize the history of injustice that black Americans, indigenous people, and persons of color have suffered for centuries. We stand with those who believe that the time is now to strive to make our society a safer and more just place for those who have been denied their basic human rights for far too long.

We theatre artists are dedicated to the longstanding tradition of providing what we believe to be essential services: our job is to tell stories spanning the breadth of the human experience, and in turn to enlighten and uplift, as well as to entertain and to heal. We need to keep telling those stories—stories that shed light on our common humanity—and the HTC is committed to continuing to present plays that represent all voices in our community.

As Kenny Leon, director of this season’s “A Soldier’s Story” on Broadway, recently commented: “Theatre is a safe way to learn about one another—to sit in a dark theater and look at actors onstage tell a story. To uplift our world with what we do.”

As a nation, we need to reflect, examine, listen and learn. As a theatre company we pledge to do just that, and to respect the dignity and worth of every person (regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, immigration status, sexual orientation or any other distinction.) As a first step, we are revisiting our mission statement to ensure it is in line with these goals. 

The creative arts have the power to shine a light on the deeper unity we share with all people and to lift our minds and spirits as we work to find a more just and better way forward. The well-being of each person is a responsibility for every one of us.


Andrew Botsford                                                 Diana Marbury
President                                                            Artistic Director

For the Hampton Theatre Company board of directors: Andrew Botsford, Rosemary Cline, Terrance Fiore, Lynne Jones, Diana Marbury, Lucinda Morrisey and Betsy Webb Rowe



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