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How much do you love a croissant from Carissa’s Bakery? How much do you know about Carissa Waechter herself, her co-founder Lori Chemla, and the story of their road to success? We welcome you to a discussion between two local legends who know the recipe for success and sustainability, and great food! According to co-founders of the beloved Carissa’s bakery, success is measured by the “number of familiar faces that return to our stores each year.” Join us for our September Knowledge Friday, as we learn how something as simple as baking bread progressed into the “fortuitous accident” that has become the esteemed retail bakery of the East End.

Carissa’s Bakery was grown from deep East End roots. The foundation of their bread program was a sourdough starter first fermented in Amagansett; their famous Salted Soured Pickled Rye was born from ingredients sourced from a local farm stand neighbor and a Southampton rye starter. They continue to source locally, supporting local small growers and producers. This choice is part of their practice to live responsibly, prioritizing organic and sustainable farming and fair-trade practices while minimizing waste and use of plastics.

Knowledge Fridays, held the first Friday of each month, highlight outstanding East End locals with various backgrounds and careers. The program allows the audience to meet and learn about dynamic, inspiring, and fascinating East Enders. It is a monthly program open to the public and free to our members. 



Lori Chemla is the managing partner of Carissa’s Bakery, founded in 2017. Prior to her partnership with Carissa Waechter, Lori was active in ALTOUR, the travel company founded by her husband, Alexandre. She is a founding member and trustee of the South Bronx Early College Academy, and board member of the Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, the Chinati Foundation and the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF). She has three daughters and four grandchildren. 



Carissa Waechter, an honored graduate from the Art Institute of NYC and pupil of acclaimed pastry champion Michel Willaume, enjoyed a successful NYC culinary career at prominent restaurants such as Daniel. Transitioning to Long Island’s East End, she co-managed the Amagansett Farmer’s Market and founded Carissa’s Breads in 2010, emphasizing local ingredients. With partner Lori Chemla, she has established multiple Carissa’s Bakery locations, including the original East Hampton location, a restaurant on Pantigo Road, and the latest bakery on Bay Street in Sag Harbor.


The Church was established in 2019 by artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik. Housed in a deconsecrated 19th-century church, its doors were opened in April 2021. Our mission is to foster creativity and to honor the living history of Sag Harbor as a maker village. The East End represents an exceptional artistic legacy, spanning the practices of Indigenous art of several centuries ago, Abstract Expressionists of the mid 20th Century, and the many celebrated writers, makers, musicians, and visual artists of the recent past and current moment. Core programming includes visual art exhibitions, concerts and events, educational programming, workshops, lectures, and an artist’s residency. 

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