Beom Jun Kim’s OTHER PLACES 

Opens March 1, 2024


Subtle in its presence above ground, Other Places creates a sunken outdoor room for visitors to enjoy as a space for quiet contemplation or social interaction. Carved into the earth, the architectural folly presents architecture in negative form as an act of subtraction from the land. Although symmetrical and square in its purest form, Other Places is made of earth and grass, so the experience of the folly is ever changing throughout the course of the day and from season to season.

Visitors will naturally leave their imprint on the grass surfaces; over time the sharp edges and flat faces will erode and slowly return to the earth as a physical embodiment of memory and forgetting.

Beom Jun Kim practices architecture as WA.K Studio whose work lies at the intersection of real and virtual spaces.


1405 County Route 22, Ghent, New York


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