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Articles, Interviews, Profiles, Portfolio: Proposals welcome, but no unsolicited material accepted. Please submit proposals, with c.v., to editors@aaqeastend.com. AAQ/East End’s Board of Editorial Advisors will consider each proposal and, if interested, request an outline of planned article or portfolio album. If proposal is approved, final copy must be submitted in .doc format with any images sent separately as attachments in JPEG format.

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The Thought Market

Opinion Essays: Topics related to art, architecture & preservation, not restricted to the East End.
Submissions welcome.

Reviews: Exhibits, live performances, architecture & books, not restricted to the East End. Submissions welcome.

The Thought Broker: ‘Natural Light & the Art Gallery’  Responses minimum of 250 words. Submissions welcome.

Parrish, The Thoughts: Share your comments and observations on the new Parrish Art Museum. 250-word range.

Letters: Letters will be reviewed by the Board of Editorial Advisors and uploaded if deemed in the interests of AAQ/East End. This publication is under no obligation to publish letters it receives.

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