I have a pretty neat job – I get to see and work with ‘old stuff’ on a daily basis. I am always drawn back to a set of wonderful photographs that Bessie Hallock took around the Hallock farm during the the 1920s that depict daily farm life throughout the year. Bessie used her Kodak Brownie camera to snap nearly 100 images and we are very fortunate that they have survived for the last century. A few of the photographs are shown below along with modern-day images– in some ways, it looks like things haven’t changed all that much at Hallockville. 
Your assistance is vital in helping the community maintain a strong connection to Long Island’s farming roots.
While looking to the past for inspiration, the Museum Farm also looks to the future by engaging the community in ways that are relevant. Our craft classes, book lecture series, and children’s summer camp educate young and old. Our new exhibit on a remarkable group of Sound Avenue women shows the importance women have in community life. The Hallockville Gardeners creation of a natural haven near the Homestead demonstrates the critical role of pollinators. Your contributions are needed so that Hallockville Can continue educating the public, telling stories that matter, and
doing good work.
I feel fortunate that Bessie used her Brownie camera 100 years ago to document farm life. And I am equally thankful that Hallockville has supporters who recognize the forward-looking vision those images inspire a century later. Thank you for continuing to help us share that vision with new generations.
Would you please give generously so that we can continue to share traditions, honor the land and celebrate history in 2020 and beyond?
With gratitude,
Herb Strobel
Executive Director
Hallockville Museum Farm
P.S. Hallockville is not a State, County, or Town facillity — Hallockville is a community-supported organization. And that community is you— we only exist because of your support. Please give today!
Above Left: Bingo, the Hallock’s pet sheep, gets a treat. Above Right: Jamaica, one of Hallockville Museum Farm’s sheep ambassadors peeks out the fence…hoping for a treat!





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