The health and well-being of our community, our visitors and our staff is our top priority. Long Island Wine Country wineries are following recommended protocols and guidelines from the CDC on the Coronavirus and are practicing social distancing and encouraging the depopulation of public spaces. At this time, a number of wineries have chosen to close to the public, are open for bottle sales only, are offering curbside pickup, are encouraging online purchasing and delivery, and are actively working to be a part of the solution in our community. Individual wineries are limiting large groups, rescheduling events or closing until further notice. Long Island Wine Country’s website will be continually updated with the status for each winery. The web site is located at:

Wineries who are open to the public, have implemented a number of precautionary measures including: regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces touched by human hands and providing ample hand washing supplies and hand sanitizers. Information on stopping the spread of coronavirus is posted in tasting rooms. Employees who are not feeling well have been asked to stay home.

Long Island Wine Country is reaching out to member wineries to exchange knowledge and keep one another up to date with any new developments so that we can do our part to be proactive and responsibly attempt to mitigate the impact of coronavirus to our industry. Long Island Wine Country intends to fully cooperate with government directives and do our part to help our community get through the coronavirus situation.

Since 1973, Long Island wine growers have been dedicated to producing wines of the highest quality, providing environmental & community stewardship, and preserving this magical place that is our home.

Our Mission is to inspire, sustain, and promote Long Island wine.



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