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Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2024.


Madoo home


You might not notice them at first but Hamamelis (Witch-hazel) are the first flower to bloom of the new year at Madoo. This one is a variety called ‘Aurora.’


A visit to Elizabeth Hazan’s studio in Brooklyn to discuss her then upcoming exhibition at Madoo.


2023 saw the return of Madoo in Manhattan. A sell-out crowd came to hear Dr. Nigel Dunnett from the University of Sheffield.


The tulip “lasagne” started blooming in the Sunken Terrace and lasted well into May.


Coinciding with Dan McCleary’s exhibition was a print-making class he taught to young artists from the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreation Center. Joining Dan were two instructors from Art Division his LA-based non-profit.


We were proud to unveil the new rill at Much Ado About Madoo. Later in the summer we added pots plated with Rosa mutabilis along the sides and in the fall thousands of Spring-blooming bulbs. A special thanks to the Ala and Ralph Isham Family Foundation.


Sculptures and drawings from 2006-08 by Keith Sonnier from his Herd series illuminated the summer studio.


“Light Reading” a multi-disciplinary performance by Silas + Rashaun also included poetic riffs on Robert Dash’s Notes From Madoo.


A Madoo-sponsored trip to Porto, Portugal included a visit to the Palacio Dos Condes de Anadia with this beautiful courtyard shaded by a perfectly pruned sycamore.  


Our first fall plant sale (thank you Erik Brockmeyer for the idea!) was a success with plants from Glover Perennials and Landcraft Environments.


As the garden shut down amid mild autumn temperatures we still chose to encase the standard fig trees with towers of leaves to protect them. The leaves will go into the compost pile come spring.


We ended the year with our most successful Merry Madoo to date. Imagine over 500 paperwhites sold in just a few hours. Thank you Paul Rogers and all our friends who came to support Madoo!


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