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Photo of actor Sigourney Weaver against a blue backdrop with logo from Disney's Avatar. © undefined
© Sigourney Weaver plays “Kiri” in the upcoming film “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

TNC is teaming up with Disney and Avatar to Keep Our Oceans Amazing. © Disney/Avatar


A Natural Collaboration:

TNC Featured in Disney “Avatar” Campaign

In celebration of the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Disney and Avatar

are supporting The Nature Conservancy to protect our oceans, including 10 amazing animals

and their habitats.

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Golden Partnership // A manta ray passes overhead accompanied by an entourage of juvenile golden trevally while free diving on the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. The smaller fish rely on larger animals such as the manta’s as a living nursery to grow before heading off into the deep ocean for themselves.


The Race to Save Earth’s Biodiversity

World leaders are meeting this month in Montreal for COP15—that’s the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties for biodiversity—to establish a new global framework to protect nature for the rest of this decade. Entwined with the climate crisis, time is short and stakes are high to halt or reverse the loss of nature.
See Our Guide to COP15: The UN Biodiversity Conference

Under an Emerald Canopy

Explore the world’s largest coastal temperate rainforest—home to hundreds of Indigenous communities and thousands of species—through 360 video. Find power in community, conservation and climate action from roots to treetops.
Immerse Yourself in North America’s Emerald Edge

Keweenaw Heartlands – Little Betsy Shoreline.

We’ve Got Superior News!

31,000 acres of habitat are now protected at the top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Building on 40 years of partnership in the Keweenaw Peninsula, TNC adds protection to one of the most intact, climate-resilient areas of the central U.S.

Lake Superior, Wolves and More


Keith Bennett, seed harvest and restoration technician for TNC’s Dunn Ranch Pawnee Prairie

Planting a Prairie By Hand

What brings Keith Bennett to old cemeteries and roadsides? He’s looking for seeds from native plants so he can restore a rare tallgrass prairie. What does it take for the seed to succeed? What makes Bennett tick? (No, not ticks).

An Interview with a Seed Collector

Aerial photo of brightly colored sediment and water flowing across the Icelandic landscape. © undefined
GLACIAL FLOW – Brightly colored sediment and water flowing across the Icelandic landscape.

© Kristin Wright/TNC Photo Contest 2022


Photographer Kristin Wright took to the skies to capture this stunning image of the Icelandic glacial river Þjórsá. This image placed first in the Water category of our 2022 Global Photo Contest.

Discover more of our contest winners

How Belize Cut Its Debt by Fighting Global Warming
Blue bonds are a novel approach to conservation financing that have allowed a growing number of developing nations to cut their debt by investing in conservation, giving them a larger role in the fight against climate change. New York Timescorrespondent Anatoly Kurmanaev and photojournalist Meridith Kohut traveled to Belize to learn about the island nation’s recent blue bonds agreement with The Nature Conservancy and explore the local ecosystems, industries, and livelihoods the deal will help protect.
Learn more about blue bonds and TNC’s impact in Belize at




Fareed asks climate scientist about ‘surprising good news’

In the battle against climate change, it’s easy to focus on how we fall short. But while recognizing the obstacles that lie ahead is imperative to developing solutions, acknowledging victories and innovation is equally important to maintain momentum and rally more people to the cause. As part of CNN’s coverage of COP27 (the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference), anchor Fareed Zakaria met with The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist Katharine Hayhoe to discuss progress humanity has made in addressing climate change and reasons to stay hopeful.

Hear from Katharine at
Photo of two women in Africa planting mangroves.
Minecraft Mangroves: Making an Impact
Thank you, Minecraft, for bringing mangroves to the world of Minecraft and raising more than $227,000 and awareness for real world mangrove forest restoration!
Check out the recap video
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