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For much of the 19th century, New London was the 2nd leading whaling port on earth.

That’s why we have the Whale Tail Fountain and the school team is called the Whalers.

The wealth of NL’s whaling companies built the town, but the work was brutal both for the whales and for the seamen.



The Common or ‘Right’ name originates from the fact that historically whalers considered right whales the “right” whale to hunt: they yielded high quantities of oil and baleen, and were easy to catch and process because they were found close to shore, swam slowly, and floated when they were dead. As a consequence, they were hunted to the brink of extinction almost everywhere that they occurred.

North Atlantic right whales and North Pacific right whales have never recovered from the centuries of whaling that reduced their numbers, but most southern right whale populations are now on the increase. —IWC | International Whaling Commission


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Photo: the scene across the Thames.

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Photo: Ben and Christina are making the whaleboat float ready for the St Patrick’s Day Parade. Sue Hambey.

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Photo, below: ferries, barges, tugs, the barque Eagle — there’s a lot of see on the NL HarborCam



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