“Turtles on the Tarmac”

by the East End Special Players

April 6th at 4:00PM 


“Art Barre”

by the Peconic Ballet Theatre

April 7th at 2:30PM 


East End Special Players

The NFCT is excited to welcome EESP to our stage. EESP is a theatre group consisting of 25 people with amazing abilities. They will be performing their newest production “Turtles on the Tarmac,” which was written and conceived by the Players, at the North Fork Community Theatre

 on Saturday April 6th at 4pm. 

“Turtles on the Tarmac” Tickets

“Art Barre”

by Peconic Ballet Theatre

Sunday April 7 at 2:30PM

Free Tickets for NFCT Donors

“Art Barre” Tickets

“Where dance becomes a canvas and every movement paints stories of passion and precision.”

Art Barre is an exquisite showcase of professional dance performances featuring a captivating array of dance styles, meticulously curated and present by the Peconic Ballet Foundation. This dynamic production offers a spellbinding journey through the artistry of dance, highlighting the precision, grace, and diversity of movement. 

Donors to the NFCT are invited to attend free of charge. Donors should contact Mary Kalich at 917-334-6639 or campaign@nfct.com to set up their tickets.


Scholarship Applications are due April 8th


Each year the NFCT awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors from the Eastern End of Long Island. Awards will be based upon the following criteria: talent, academics, essay, letter of recommendation and performance/participation history. Preference will be given to active NFCT members or participants, but this is not an absolute requirement. Applicants must have a history of either performance or off-stage experience (e.g. lighting, crew, set design, etc.) either in high school or in local community organizations. 

Scholarship Applications are due April 8th. The Scholarship Application can be found at www.nfct.com under Special Events

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