Above, A top song in 1921 was Look for the Silver Lining.
In 2021, so far so good! Snowdrops bloom in the garden, and the Kids Ahoy exhibition nears completion. Above, upper right, a Czechoslovakian sailor marionette from Kids Ahoy.
We’ve got a job for you!
Want to try transcribing a handwritten page penned by a sailor aboard a New London ship at sea between the years 1844 and 1852? New London Maritime Society seeks volunteers to decipher our whaling journal.
Email nlmaritimedirector@gmail.com, and we’ll send you a guide and a photo of a page from the journal to work on.
We’d love to be able to publish the journal online with your transcriptions to coincide with historian Sandi Brewster Walker’s zoom talk, Seamen of Color: Living and Sailing from the Port of New London, 1640-1880, on Sunday, February 28th, 2 PM — so there’s no time to waste! Email today!
An unidentified sailor began writing our whaling journal 177 years ago, and that fact got us thinking about other notable 2021 dates.
NL Harbor Light was established 260 years
ago & then rebuilt
220 years ago. NLMS
has owned HL for 11 years.
Construction began on Race Rock Light Station
150 years ago. It was lit
7 years later & is 142.
NLMS has owned
Race Rock 8 years.
NL Ledge Lighthouse
turns 112 in 2021.
NLMS has owned
Ledge Light for 6 years.
Construction of New London’s U.S. Custom House began 188 years ago; it opened for business two years after that. Above, Robert Mills’ preliminary gouache and pencil drawing for the ‘Principal Front’, 1833, NLMS collection. As NL’s sidewalks were narrow, the front steps were build to the sides. The roof line changed to allow for a viewing platform for the customs inspector to be erected; the four chimneys and platform all finally came down in the 1938 hurricane.
The NL Maritime Society turns 38 at our ANNUAL MEETING next November!
NLMS is a charity and relies on the generosity of supporters who share our passion for the maritime world.
At this challenging time, your support is needed more than ever. Please give today.
The best link for donating online can be found on the HOME page of our website: nlmaritimesociety.org. Many thanks!
Pin the Pipe on Popeye Party Game, from the Kids Ahoy exhibition.
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