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a popular destination for more than a century.

Visit Inside NL Harbor Pequot Light

It’s Long Island Sound’s oldest and tallest lighthouse.

Photo: the Thomas family were the first visitors to Harbor Light when we reopened in March 2019, after a 4+ year hiatus.

Climb 116 steps up into the lighthouse lantern. The views are spectacular!​ Tours take approximately 40 minutes. To book a tour for up-to five people, send us an email.

Tours are available every Saturday and Sunday at 11:45, or you may schedule a custom time during the week. Please provide two day’s notice for a custom tour.

Tickets are $35, $30 for NLMS members, $25 youth through age 18.


Guest article by Bob Tellier, lighthouse aficionado and NLMS docent

Navy Sailor Chooses Lighthouse for Reenlistment Ceremony

Last summer the New London Maritime Society was tasked to arrange a special trip to the New London Ledge Lighthouse by the U.S. Navy. At 10 AM, July 17, 2023, the boat left the pier at with 7 navy personnel including FT3 Kolten S. Flook; FT2 Leonardo E. Pera; FTC Ricky Marsh; FTC Allen Pope; ITS1 Brandon M. McGinn; Navigator LCDR Taylor M. Boosman and Commanding Officer of the USS Iowa CDR Mathew B Powell.  

The trip was special for FT3 Jonathan M Featherston who brought his family: wife Tiffany and their two young daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Lana Charlotte for his Reenlistment Ceremony. 

After arriving at the lighthouse and disembarking all of the guests looked around the lighthouse inside and then headed to the Lantern Room at the top. CDR Powell presided over the ceremony and ITS1 McGinn held the bible while FT3 Jonathan Featherston took the oath. All the rest of his Shipmates watched form the gallery outside. After the swearing in, Featherston’s family was given certificates thanking them for the sacrifice of being a navy family. 


When asked why he chose the lighthouse to do his reenlistment ceremony his response shows what the importance of lighthouses still are. “I choose the Ledge Lighthouse because as US Navy Submariner, especially one stationed in Groton, CT, we see the lighthouse every time we go out to sea and pull back into port. Along with the bridge, it is one of our favorite things to see in the scopes because it means we’re coming back home…or heading out to sea, then not so much (LOL). I knew I only get ONE first reenlistment so I wanted to make sure I’d never forget it, and that’s when it hit me “That lighthouse we always pass by on the sea!” 


When the ceremony was over, all gathered on the gallery outside the lantern room to watch a Virginia Class submarine pass the lighthouse returning from patrol.  The trip was a successful one and a beautiful day for everyone to enjoy.  

–Bob Tellier




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