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May 12 through July 19

Beacons through Time 


Christian Fiedler captured six months of the sun’s path across the sky in a single image. Using a small camouflaged pinhole camera stashed at Harbor Light, his long-exposure print in the lantern room records the scene from 25 October 2022 – 8 May 2023: 195 days. Our visits giving tours inside the lantern room during those months did not signify; the camera registered only the long view.

Christian Fiedler’s Beacons through Time, will be on view at the Custom House from May 12 through July 19, 20204. The luminous pinhole camera prints will include Point Judith (RI), Avery Point (CT), and Montauk (NY) Lights, among others. 


Also opening soon: a small exhibition from local shipwreck diver Mark Munro. It’s on the Volund, a 239-foot Norwegian tramp steamer which sank ‘somewhere in the Race’ in 1908.


Tuesday, May 21, 1:30 PM


Our May Jibboom speaker is author/artist Patrick Lynch, who will present A Tale of Two Estuaries. It’s three estuaries, actually: the Thames, the Connecticut, and don’t forget Long Island Sound.

Connecticut’s two largest riverine estuaries have long been recognized as world-class natural treasures, also rich with the human history of our region. The very different characters of the Connecticut River and the Thames River estuaries are due to accidents of geology that determined their fates. We owe the gorgeous rural character of the Lower Connecticut River to vast sediments left behind by the Ice Age glaciers, which prevented the development of large ports on the Connecticut. The historical importance of the New London grew from the presence of the deep natural harbor of the Thames estuary adjacent to it. Both rivers have been critical to New England’s natural history and human development, and both estuaries are now part of the new Connecticut National Estuarine Research Preserve. This talk will compare and contrast the Thames and Connecticut River estuaries, emphasizing the natural history of our regional estuaries and coastal habitats.

Jibboom is not a club, but a friendly gathering with a speaker, treats, and good fellowship. The event is FREE and open to all – please come on May 21, 1:30 PM, and bring a friend. Mr. Lynch’s books now are available in the museum gift shop.

Biography: Patrick J. Lynch is an artist, photographer, and author who has written ten books published by Yale University Press, including “A Field Guide to Long Island Sound.”. His next book, “A Field Guide to the Connecticut River,” will be published by Yale Press in the spring of 2024. After 45 years as a director of various media departments at Yale University he retired in 2016.

Sponsored by the Maco Family Fund. Photo: Patrick Lynch’s books are in the Shop.


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By appointment year-round

a popular destination for more than a century.

Visit Inside NL Harbor Pequot Light

It’s Long Island Sound’s oldest and tallest lighthouse.


Climb 116 steps up into the lighthouse lantern. The views are spectacular!​ Tours for up-to five people take approximately 40 minutes. We offer tours every Saturday at noon. Sign up online:

To book a tour at other times, send us an email. Photo: the USCG Aid to Navigation team was in our area checking the lighthouses on Thursday.

Tours are available every Saturday and Sunday at 11:45, or you may schedule a custom time during the week. Please provide a minimum of two day’s notice for a custom tour. Tickets are $35, $30 for NLMS members, $25 youth 8 through age 18.



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