The Father

Playing through March 24 


Don’t miss “The Father,” winner of the Moliere Award and considered “the most acclaimed new play of the last decade,” now playing at the NFCT through March 24th.

Show Synopsis: Change can be a scary thing.  Once a professional dancer, Andre has always been a commanding presence at home and in the world.  Or was he an engineer? Why can’t he find his watch? And why is he still in his pajamas in the afternoon?

Yes, change can be a very scary thing.  For Andre it is nothing short of terrifying.  Andre is losing his mind.  Or is he?  Is his daughter really trying to help him? And who is this threatening man who keeps coming around? What is going on here?


“With brilliant storytelling and powerful performances, it navigated the complex landscapes of memory, identity, and the unbreakable bonds of family.” @curatenorthfork



East End Special Players

The NFCT is excited to welcome EESP to our stage. EESP is a theatre group consisting of 25 people with amazing abilities. They will be performing their newest production ‘Turtles on the Tarmac,’ which was written and conceived by the Players, at the North Fork Community Theatre on Saturday April 6th at 4pm.

East End Special Players Tickets

“Art Barre” Peconic Ballet Theatre

Free Tickets

for NFCT Donors

“Art Barre” Tickets

“Art Barre” is an exquisite showcase of professional dance performances featuring a captivating array of dance styles, meticulously curated and present by the Peconic Ballet Foundation. This dynamic production offers a spellbinding journey through the artistry of dance, highlighting the precision, grace, and diversity of movement.

Where dance becomes a canvas and every movement paints stories of passion and precision.

Donors to the NFCT are invited to attend free of charge. Donors should contact Mary Kalich at 917-334-6639 or campaign@nfct.com to set up their tickets.


“The Father” Performance Dates:

*Friday, March 8 8:00PM

Saturday, March 9 8:00PM

Sunday Matinee, March 10 2:30PM

Friday, March 15 8:00PM

Saturday, March 16 8:00PM

Sunday Matinee, March 17 2:30PM

Friday, March 22 8:00PM

Saturday, March 23 8:00PM

Sunday Matinee, March 24 2:30PM


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