Videos from April Gornik, John Torreano, and peter campus

will be released on social media starting June 10,

and available on the Parrish website


The Parrish Art Museum is launching Artist Stories from the Pandemic–a new online series of short videos by East End artists reflecting on their life and work in the era of COVID-19. Ranging from intimate studio visits to emotional statements, the videos give visibility to the East End artist community working in these unusual times and provide an insight into their practice. Several videos will be released on a rolling basis on the Museum’s social media platforms and website, beginning Wednesday, June 10 with April Gornik, John Torreano, and peter campus.

“It is our responsibility as a museum rooted within such an extraordinary community of artists to reach out to our neighbors,” said Corinne Erni, Senior Curator of ArtsReach and Special Projects. “Listening to the artists’ voices is particularly important now in this historical moment of crisis, as they all become a testimony of this community’s resilience.”

In April 2020, the Museum reached out to more than 100 artists living on Long Island’s East End, asking them to contribute short videos about their work during the pandemic. In the visual responses, they speak of stifling angst and newfound productivity, canceled shows and fresh inspiration, and response to the pandemic through their work and by taking actions to show support. Gornik expresses that, for her, this is “not the best time to be making art,” although she finds her mask-making efforts “very comforting… and useful.” campus said his work has most clearly changed, in part because of a self-imposed quarantine that has precluded his making videos at the Shinnecock Canal. Torreano, who is grateful for extra time to spend on his work, said “Artists are lucky. They have the studio as a place of self-empowerment and comfort.” 

The project, an evolving and living record, is an important, new element of the Museum’s online archives that explore the legacy and current-day presence of artists of the region ( At this writing, over 30 videos have been submitted by emerging and mid-career artists as well as those well-established in their careers and in the art world, including:


Renate Aller, Brianna Ashe, Lillian Ball, Mary Ellen Bartley, Jackie Black, peter campus, Garrett Chingery, Eric Dever, Roz Dimon, Eva Faye, Eric Fischl, Margaret Garrett, April Gornik, Sandi Haber Fifield, Melinda Hackett, Hiroyuki Hamada, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Candace Hill Montgomery, Jill Moser, Judith Hudson, Valerie Jaudon, Richard Kalina, Bill Komoski, Donald Lipski, Steve Miller, Paton Miller, Dan Rizzie, Hope Sandrow, Anne Seelbach, John Torreano, Nina Yankowitz, Darius Yektai, and Almond Zigmund.


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