Conservation News


The Trust Works with Southold Town,

The King Trust and Island’s End Golf Course

to Conserve Key Recreational Asset

On April 22nd, the Southold Town Board voted unanimously to purchase the development rights on the Island’s End Golf Course in Greenport. Eighty six acres of the property is owned by The King Trust and 30 acres is owned by Island’s End.
This is one of the largest conservation projects undertaken by the Town and its Community Preservation Fund. Congratulations to all!
The Town’s easement will cover all of the shoreline – 800 feet – as well as restrict any future use of the land to recreational, open space or agricultural use.
Your support of the Trust has enabled staffers Tim Caufield and Holly Sanford to work with the owners of Island’s End for several years. They helped identify the best conservation plan for the property and assisted the owners and the Town with negotiations.

This is an incredible win for the community.

The golf course, established in 1961, has long been a popular outdoor destination for residents and visitors alike. It’s also been home to local high school golf teams.
We look forward to the finalization of its conservation in the coming months. Thank you to the King Trust, the board of Island’s End Golf Course, and the Town of Southold for working together to conserve this important community resource.
“For over half a century, the land has provided a wonderful recreational and job creating resource for the residents and visitors to the North Fork,” said Holly in a statement at the public hearing. “The conservation of this land – including all acreage along Long Island Sound and the mature wildlife habitat that is established within the fairways – will be a wonderful conservation outcome for all.” 



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