Long Island Regional Planning Council’s

Garden Rewards Grant Program

for Homeowners



Long Island homeowners looking to play a role in reducing stormwater runoff, which is one of the leading causes of nitrogen pollution in our waterways, are eligible for grants to help cover the cost and maintenance of runoff mitigation projects on their property.

The Long Island Regional Planning Council (LIRPC), in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), is introducing the Long Island Garden Rewards Program! The program will provide up to $500 to offset the expense of installing green infrastructure on their properties including rain barrels, native plantings, and rain gardens.

Examples of Nitrogen-Reducing Infrastructure

Rain Barrels: Rain Barrels reduce stormwater runoff by collecting and storing rainwater for homeowners to later use in their yards and gardens, also helping conserve water consumption. Barrels must be a minimum of 50 gallons and are required to have mosquito netting or screening.

Rain Gardens: Rain gardens collect rainwater from roofs, driveways and other surfaces and allow that rain to soak into the ground. Rain gardens can filter stormwater before it reaches local waterways, mitigate flooding caused by pavement and enhance your yard with low maintenance landscaping. To be eligible, a rain garden must be a minimum of 20 square feet, use native plants and be maintained for at least three years.

Native Plantings: Native plants are heartier and more resilient to local climate conditions. Native plant gardens can reduce fertilizer and pesticide usage, reduce water usage, and promote biodiversity. These native plants support a healthy ecosystem and are more resistant to local weather.

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