Edward Cortes Art Exhibit

Masonic Temple Sag Harbor March 30


The Sag Harbor Masonic Club is excited to have artist Edward Cortes exhibit his outsider art this Saturday during the Roses Grove Music Show, Saturday, March 30, 8pm. The Lodge will be open at 7pm and by appointment to view this unique and exciting art exhibit. Below is Mr.Cortez’s artist statement.


Ed Cortes a/k/a Edweirdeye

Born and raised in South California, a product of the latchkey kid era.

I grew up among the Junkies, prostitutes, gangsters and all the  other off beat characters that Hollywood could produce.

A self taught artist,  now living on the east coast for almost 30 years.

Most of my painting is done on layers of plexiglass using acrylic and  spray paints.

My influence  and inspiration comes from my childhood cartoons, lowbrow artists, Chicano/Latino culture , the punk metal scene and of the films of Ralph Bukshi/Crumb.

I’ve shown my art out here on the east end for the last decade and have done private commissions, and album covers and have a line of T-shirt’s featuring my work. 



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