[LOS ANGELES, CA] BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce its return to Southampton Arts Center this summer with its latest exhibition, POST GRAFFITI, premiering three years after its widely acclaimed BEYOND THE STREETS on PAPER opening in 2021. 


The concept of POST GRAFFITI encapsulates the genre’s journey of rebellious subway artists, originating from 70’s and 80’s NYC, to the global movement they’ve inspired. The term signifies a shift from the illicit nature of traditional graffiti to a more accepted, legitimate art form in gallery settings. As the movement has progressed, artists associated with POST GRAFFITI continue to draw from the rich history of graffiti writing and the streets, forming a loose coalition that blurs and elevates their source inspiration through drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.

POST GRAFFITI is at the core of BEYOND THE STREETS, representing the embodiment of a larger picture of how far it has all gone and how raw it still remains. Graffiti has become a cultural phenomenon that informs music, fashion, politics, entertainment, marketing, and, of course, contemporary art. It has been on the runways of major fashion houses and memorialized in books and documentaries. If a barometer is ever needed to indicate how far graffiti as a cultural touchstone has gone, The Simpsons, ever the etched-in-stone pop-cultural icon, has not only made Bart Simpson a tagger, but has featured a slew of graffiti artists over the years.  


Featured Artwork © 2023 Felipe Pantone (Left) and © 2023 KATSU (Right)


About the show, BEYOND THE STREETS Founder Roger Gastman shares, “In its journey from the subway tunnels of 70s and 80s New York to the global stage, graffiti has transcended its roots to become a defining element of contemporary culture. POST GRAFFITI captures this transformation, showcasing how a once clandestine form of expression has grown into a vital, influential art movement. This exhibition not only pays homage to the pioneers who risked everything to express themselves but also celebrates the diverse artists who continue to push the boundaries of what graffiti can be. It’s a testament to the enduring power of creativity against the backdrop of societal change, reminding us that art from the streets can speak volumes in galleries and beyond.” 


BEYOND THE STREETS POST GRAFFITI will be curated at the Southampton Arts Center, a historical building that was originally opened to the public in August of 1898 by art collector Samuel Longstreth Parrish. Originally called The Art Museum at Southampton, the space served to house Parrish’s extensive collection of Italian Renaissance art and reproductions of classical Greek and Roman statuary. Opening nearly 125 years to the year of the building’s construction completion, the show will encompass over 8,000 sq. ft of space and scenic outdoor grounds, featuring paintings and sculptures from over 25 artists, along with ephemeral moments and works that tell the story of graffiti from its early days to the present and future of the artform.

BEYOND THE STREETS POST GRAFFITI opens May 11, 2024, on view through July 20, 2024. Exclusive merchandise and printed matter will be available within the gallery gift shop for the duration of the exhibition.


UFO907. The Walkabout. 2023. Aerosol, acrylic, and solid marker
on artist made shaped canvas. 87 x 61 x 1/2 in


LADY PINK. Untitled / 7 Train. 1985. Acrylic on canvas. 18 x 24 in. 


Featured Artists:

Alexis Ross, Andrew Durgin-Barnes, Barry McGee, CHITO, Conor Harrington, C.R. Stecyk III, CRASH, Eric Haze, Guillaume Ollivier, Felipe Pantone, FUTURA2000, Greg Rick, Guerilla Girls, Haroshi, HuskMitNavn, Jane Dickson, KATSU, Kenny Scharf, LA2, LADY PINK, Madsaki, Martha Cooper, Maya Hayuk, OSGEMEOS, Ozzie Juarez, Paul Insect, PRIEST, Tim Conlon, Timothy Curtis, Todd James, UFO907 and ZEPHYR 



May 11, 2024 – July 20, 2024


Fri – Sun | 12-5PM (May 11 – June 31)

Thurs – Mon | 12-5PM (July 1 – July 20)


 Southampton Arts Center

25 Jobs Lane

Southampton, NY 11968

Influenced by the rich cultural tradition and artistic history of the region, Southampton Arts Center drives cultural engagement and economic vitality. It is distinguished as a destination for multigenerational audiences to have artistic, educational and transformational experiences. Using the arts as a unifier, the center provides a platform for the many voices who comprise our region creating mutual understanding and effecting positive change. Southampton Arts Center is committed to community building through the arts, presenting and producing inspiring, inclusive, socially and regionally relevant programs across all disciplines – welcoming, connecting, and collaborating with the diverse members of New York’s East End community and beyond.




BEYOND THE STREETS was founded by Roger Gastman, producer of the 2010 Academy Award-nominated film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, co-curator of Art in the Streets (2011) at the MoCA in Los Angeles, and director of the SHOWTIME documentary Rolling Like Thunder (2021), a plunge into the underground world of freight train graffiti culture. BEYOND THE STREETS is an art-driven cultural and educational worldwide movement celebrating mark makers and rule breakers, agitators and instigators. Its curation showcases the best of contemporary and emerging artists, with a focus on graffiti and street art creators. Boasting over 100 artist collaborators per show, BEYOND THE STREETS is known for its massive-scale exhibitions, immersive educational experiences, and engaging pop-up events, which have played host to over 650,000 unique visitors between its shows in Los Angeles, New York, The Hamptons, London, Shanghai, and digital showcases with NTWRK. BEYOND THE STREETS exhibitions have produced over 2.5B media impressions through global art publications, business journals and culture magazines.

BEYOND THE STREETS is widely recognized for its innovative brand partnerships and premium publications, which include over 75 published and authored book titles, including works for the likes of Martha Cooper, Felipe Pantone, POSE, Paul Insect, and Mister CARTOON, amongst others. BEYOND THE STREETS pushes the very idea of art beyond any preconceived boundary.




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