Local Photographer Exhibits More Than Photography

Announcing exciting new exhibit by local photographer/artist Anthony Lombardo at the Southampton Cultural Center on Pond Land, Southampton. It runs from April 30 to May 20 with an opening reception May 4, 4-7pm. Living a creative life Mr Lombardo gives us a look into more than the photography he is known for. The show will include new and older photos that haven’t been exhibit but in small local shows, wood cut prints small and large influenced by his love of Japanese wood block prints, custom fishing lures, and traditional  Skin-on-Frame Greenland Kayaks crafted with a wood frame and nylon skin.

Known by his minimalist photographs of local farm structures and bucolic views, during the pandemic Mr. Lombardo got out and did photography that was pure fun for him. This work is a homage to an early mentor of his, west coast landscape photographer Perkle Jones. Mostly black and white photographs of dramatic water scenes from our local bays and ocean. A second group of images based of the cosmos with images of the milky way and star trails over our local landscapes. These photos remind us of the expanse of our galaxy and limited time we spend in it. The last group of photographs are from an older body of work that never got the opportunity to be seen as a group of tattooed women. The new aesthetic of women “getting inked” was a motivation for this group. Women in classic poses in black and white while the tattoos on their bodies remain in color to highlight this new expression and esthetic.

In his teens Mr Lombardo had been introduced to asian art then later in his twenties while taking a print making course he became aware of Japanese wood cut prints. Recently Mr Lombardo decided he was going to explore this interest more. This is a developing art for him. In the exhibit there will be several smaller prints. His interest has turned to larger prints and the exhibit includes two giant prints.

One day surf fishing Mr. Lombardo had a large striped bass take a fishing lure ,and then proceeded to break the line due to the fishes strength. Upon trying to replace the lure the cost was prohibitive to being thrown in the ocean. After studying the construction of the lure and his knowledge of fishing he decided to make his own fishing lures out of wood. Over the last six years Mr. Lombardo has refined traditional style lures. All the style of lures in the exhibit have caught fish and are available as custom orders.

Having been an athlete most of his life Mr. Lombardo was looking for a form of exercise that can combine physical activity with his love for the outdoors and water. Kayaking seemed like the perfect sport. The different style of boats and varying costs were very confusing but after some internet study Mr. Lombardo found a subculture interested in traditional kayak boats. His research lead him to sites and books on the virtues and construction of skin-on-frame boats. In this exhibit there are two boats one finished and the other the frame of an older boat. These boats are built using no nails, glue, or screws. The construction consist of several wood types based on their strength and ability to be steam bent, with a ballistic nylon covering coated in polyurethane. These boats are light and responsive and use biodynamic construction methods making a boat that is custom built to the paddlers body form.

Mr. Lombardo will be present at the gallery on weekends 12 to 4pm during the duration of the installation.

For those who can not visit on weekends, week day appointments can be arrange. 



Photographs © Anthony Lombardo.


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