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Southold Historical Museum Receives NYS Council on the Arts Grant


Southold Historical Museum is pleased to announce it is the recipient of a $30,000 grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) which supports the nonprofit arts and culture sector. This grant is specifically designated as general operating support. Thus, it can be used to support Southold Historical Museum in areas where it is most needed.

As a private non-profit organization, Southold Historical Museum is not supported by municipal taxes but instead through the generosity of the community and from grants such as this one from NYSCA. The Museum is fortunate to have the capacity to apply for such grants, as often daily operations take priority. With seventeen buildings and three museum locations to maintain, there is a significant need for financial support, but it is important that this meaningful history is preserved.

Governor Kathy Hochul said, “Research confirms what we’ve always known here in New York: arts and culture are a powerhouse, with a staggering return on investment for our economy and our communities. New York’s unparalleled arts and culture sector is leading the way to benefit our residents, our students and our visitors every day. I commend these grantees on their achievements and look forward to their contributions in the coming year.”

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Collections Corner: Bunker Fishermen


This photograph taken from a cracked and broken glass negative is of a group of bunker fishermen. If you’ll notice, some of the men are wearing rain gear – which was common among bunker fishing company workers. Historic photos of trap fishing workers also show men wearing rain gear when loading their catch into baskets on the decks of the boats.

It seems a practical way to stay dry.

Collections Corner

Arrange a Tour for Your Group or Club


Did you know we welcome your groups to come tour the Maple Lane Complex and Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse, even when our locations aren’t open for regular hours?

We would gladly accommodate your local, special interest club, association, retirement community, school or home school group, religious organization or work related group. A private tour makes for a more intimate and educational experience! Why not organize a fun outing today?

Feel free to contact us for more information at 631-765-5500 or info@southoldhistorical.org

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Treasure Exchange Accepting Donation Items as We Prepare for Winter Hours


The Treasure Exchange will reopen on Jan. 12 with winter hours, 11am – 3pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Would you consider donating some of your fine, gently used items if you are looking to de-clutter in the New Year. Our office in the Prince Building, 54325 Main Road, takes donations 10am – 2pm, Monday through Friday.

*Please do not leave any items at the door.*

Some of the items we appreciate include home decor, kitchenware, jewelry, antiques, vintage toys, fashion accessories. All sales support the mission of the Museum.

Please see the list of items we do and do not accept. Thank you.

Treasure Exchange


Website Highlights

History As You Like It: ‘Masts on Main’


Jan. 12

Treasure Exchange Reopens

Feb. 15

“Ross’s Daily Menu: Local Roots

of the Farm to Table Movement”

Feb. 17

Southold Winterfest


Your gracious support allows Southold Historical Museum to offer many free events throughout the year. Thank you.






Southold Historical Museum programs are made possible by New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.



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