Once again, we are highlighting items from Southold Historical Society’s collection. We hope you are enjoying these little snippets. Please share with us any experiences and/or recollections you have related to the item we highlight.



When we began writing a description for this photo, the idea was to compare the small size of this IGA grocery store to the significantly larger sizes of grocery stores today. In this photo, you can see there are just three aisles for shoppers to browse. In the below photo, you can see the signs in the windows that advertise fryers for 27 cents a pound and Campbell’s soup for 10 cents a can!
However, in writing this snippet, we discovered the information we had with the photo did not tell in which Hamlet this IGA is located. In our archives, the photo is described as the interior of IGA, 1955. Can you help us be more specific in our description? Perhaps the photo below of the exterior is more telling?
What do you know about the IGA that is the subject of these photos?
Speaking of our local IGA grocery stores, Southold Historical Society says thank you to all the essential workers in our community (including those at IGA) who are working hard for all of us.


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