The Suffolk County Historical Society

Urgently Needs Your Help!

Let’s consider the value of preserving our local history versus the cost of a cup of coffee…. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much of our donation and grant-based funding to a halt, and we desperately need your help to survive these challenging times. For little more than the cost of a cup of coffee you can help support the rich history of Suffolk County.

WE are YOUR history preserved! Founded in 1886, some 134 years ago, and recognized as a National Landmark, the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum & Library Archives serves over 1.5 million county residents and more than 20,000 researchers, members, subscribers, and guests annually. We are Suffolk County’s primary historic research center and museum. Our collections represent the nearly 400-year history of our area and include museum artifacts, genealogies, town records, account books, diaries, photographs, letters, postcards, maps and atlases, deeds, wills, early militia records, civil war records, and so much more!

Please help us continue to serve the community as we have done for 134 years.

We appreciate any donation you can spare, no matter how small. Thank you for your support!

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