Thanks to all who made 2019 a year of extraordinary progress at TSCW! We invite you to experience it through this photo, video, and narrative compilation with the hope that it motivates you for the year ahead. Start by exploring TSCW’s 2019 Annual Report where we reveal the details behind a remarkable year of growth. Then enjoy the interactive links and info in this newsletter, including opportunities to be involved as we continue the exciting work of transforming Tesla’s lab into a museum and science center. Thank you again for your ongoing support and warmest wishes for a new year of health, happiness, and growth.

Marc Alessi, Executive Director


WINTER 2019-2020

Tesla Ultra-Run

Ultra-runner Todd Adyelotte jump-started our year with a 70-mile journey over two frigid days in January, stopping at historic Tesla-related sites from NYC to Wardenclyffe. View highlights of this incredible tribute run.


Tower to the People

History, science, and cinema arts merged during screenings of the award-winning documentary, Tower to the People, featuring a live Q&A with director Joe Sikorski that never fails to raise fascinating questions and details.


COMING SOON: New dates for Tower to the People movie nights:


SXSW: Success the Wardenclyffe Way

It’s a true story that continues to inspire: how the world saved Wardenclyffe in a record-breaking crowdfund.  Marc Alessi, Exec. Director at TSCW, gave details in a motivational and educational talk at the 2019 SXSW Conference, an international entertainment/tech event in Austin, TX that draws 650,000+.


MORE FROM MARC ON WARDENCLYFFE: Hear his motivational message on moving the mission forward with gratitude to Nikola Tesla.


SPRING 2019-2020

Currents by Mayumana

Electric music, dance, and light show inspired by Tesla and performed by Israeli troupe Mayumana at SBU’s Staller Center in March 2019. TSCW sponsored an exhibit of electromagnetic models that enhanced the show’s theme.

NEW in February 2020: We’re electrifying the arts at our STEAM Lover’s Night on Feb. 27 with Tesla-inspired readings, music, and performances. Details soon at:


Thrilled by a Theremin

Watch sparks of curiosity ignite into a learning moment as kids move sound waves with their hands to create theremin music. In one brief moment, we can have an impact. With this spirit, TSCW spreads the power of experiential learning at STEAM Expos, school programs, and community lectures for all ages. One of TSCW’s most popular talks is given by Jane Alcorn, Board Pres., who demonstrates a historic Egg of Columbus model as part of her “Electric Idea” lectures on Tesla’s life and work.

Get info on 2020 STEAM programs, both live and online, including Tesla STEAM Camp for youth and more electrifying talks:


Tour of Wardenclyffe

Visitors flocked to Wardenclyffe for a journey through time. Video, imagery, historians, and exhibits provided an immersive experience. Highlights included storytellers, a model of Tesla’s famous telautomaton, and ground-shaking AV demo by Joe Sikorski, director of the Tower to the People documentary, that brought Wardenclyffe history blazing to life.

2020 TOURS: Updates at


SUMMER 2019-2020

Tesla Birthday Expo Welcomes “Beastie”

Our annual birthday celebration for Tesla broke records in 2019 with 1400+ visitors in attendance to witness demonstrations of a 4-story Tesla coil, dubbed “The Beastie,” built by electrical wizard Greg Leyh. (Click to see “The Beastie” in action.) Visitors also enjoyed robotics, Tesla car and EV displays, energy demos, tech art, kid STEAM stations, interactive exhibits, amateur radio, entertainment, and more.

BEASTIE IS BACK IN 2020! Greg Leyh and his 40-foot Tesla coil will return to Wardenclyffe on July 11 for Tesla’s 164th birthday celebration!  Stay tuned for updates at


Energy: The Power of Art

How does Tesla inspire art? Click to view this powerful example created in neon, a medium developed by Tesla and transformed into art by TSCW supporter Clayton Orehek. His interactive piece was featured from July through October at Nassau County Museum of Art in the “Energy: The Power of Art” exhibit where TSCW displayed vintage electric models and historic photographs.


Tesla Tech Art Camp

The creative process was explored and young imaginations were channeled with remarkable results during this camp where kids created drawbots, interactive art with QR codes, electrified sculptures, blacklight art, and more. See inventiveness in action.

NEW!  Tesla STEAM Camp for ages 10 to 16 on Sundays from Jan. 26 through April 26 at The Spur in Southampton, NY. Get details at:


Tesla Talk at Griffith Observatory

The stars aligned for an exciting and educational talk by Marc Alessi against the backdrop of the historic observatory and their large Tesla coil. Alessi presented “An Electric Idea: Nikola Tesla’s NY Laboratory” to a full house of Tesla enthusiasts.

FALL 2019-2020


A Night for Tesla and Wardenclyffe

TSCW’s first Annual Gala paid tribute to Tesla and innovators of today. The event featured unique entertainment including Tesla era performances, The Divine Hand Ensemble conducted by a master theremin player, exhibits, and more. TSCW exceeded its Gala goal thanks to contributions by strong advocates for STEAM, education, and entrepreneurship.



Educators presented their most innovative and engaging physics and science demonstrations in this day-long competition that offered valuable takeaways for teachers, students, parents, and science enthusiasts. After the demos, attendees voted to award the 2019 Omega title to William Leacock for the best Teslamania presentation. See some of the entertaining and educational physics demo videos at:

SAVE THE DATE: Teslamania 2020 is Sat. Nov. 14. Visit our Teslamania page for updates.


Halloween at Wardenclyffe

Our first Halloween celebration was a supercharged event featuring a STEAM theme costume parade, scavenger hunt, and Jack o’lectric carving contest. The highlight was a special screening of the Goosebumps 2 film, a thrilling fictional tale based on Tesla and Wardenclyffe. Click for video highlights.


Fall STEAM Ahead!

TSCW offered hands-on enrichment sessions during a Fall STEAM Program for elementary students that infused physics with fun. Youth explored electricity, sound, magnetism, and more in a series of after-school classes. Get info on upcoming STEAM programs at:


Holiday Lighting

Wardenclyffe is bright with holiday spirit at this heart-warming event where families and community gathered to decorate, engage in tech-theme holiday activities, and take photos with Santa in front of Tesla’s historic lab. Be inspired by holiday magic at Wardenclyffe:


Thank you for supporting TSCW’s mission to establish a global center on the site of Nikola Tesla’s only remaining laboratory that will preserve, restore, and advance his legacy of invention and perseverance through education and innovation.



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