Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

invites you to our

2nd Annual Virtual Global Gala
LIGHT THE NIGHT through Science

Friday, October 30, 2020
7:00 – 9:00 pm ET

Tickets include admission to virtual Gala, tech gifts, and custom swag:

Please join us as we “Light the Night” to raise funds for programs that improve lives through science.

Entertainment & Demonstrations

Auction with innovative tech and Tesla items

Networking Rooms



VINT CERF “One of the Fathers of the Internet”
2020 Gala Honoree
Every year, TSCW’s Gala honors innovators whose contributions in science and technology have far-reaching humanitarian impact, reflective of Nikola Tesla.

Vint Cerf is known as “One of the Fathers of the Internet” for his key role in developing the World Wide Web. He co-wrote the first TCP protocol and pioneered internet development at IBM and Google. Vint Cerf is an advocate for the advancement of technology for the hearing impaired. He has served as an Advisor at TSCW since 2017 and helps “Light the Night” for millions around the world. Come join us in honoring him at our virtual Global Gala on October 30.


Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to develop the site of Nikola Tesla’s last remaining laboratory into a transformative global science center that embraces his bold spirit of invention, provides innovative learning experiences, fosters the advancement of new technologies, and preserves his legacy in the Tesla Museum.




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