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This weekend at Wardenclyffe…


Presented by Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

and Rites of Spring Music

Sat. August 28, 2021 | 7-10 pm ET
Wardenclyffe, 5 Randall Rd., Shoreham NY

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An Electrifying Summer of Tesla and Science Continues

We explored Tesla’s life and inventions this summer, starting at his 165th birthday celebration in July and continuing to this month’s focus on Tesla and the science of sound. Here’s some of the tech trivia, videos, and history we explored.


Tesla and telephone 140 years ago: one of Tesla’s first inventions was a sound amplifier for telephones that he developed in 1881 while working as chief electrical engineer at the Budapest Telephone Exchange. It was the beginning of Tesla’s work with sound that would lead to his historic inventions in radio, AC power, and wireless communications and energy.

Read Tesla’s speech about his experiments with AC and high frequency.


Metal for Tesla: Recycling to Rebuild

On July 4, 1917, the Smiley Steel Company began demolition of Tesla’s 18-story radio tower at Wardenclyffe. The scrap metal was recycled for $1,750 (about $45,000 today). Now, we’re recycling Metal for Tesla to raise funds to rebuild his lab!

Delve into the tower’s history and explore quizzes, trivia, and recycling info.


You can help rebuild Tesla’s lab by donating scrap metal at Wardenclyfffe during events (including Sound of Science on Aug. 28) or recycle at your local center and donate proceeds to bit.ly/m4tgr



Honoring Tesla’s 165th Birthday

We celebrated the great inventor’s life and work on July 10th at the Tesla Birthday Expo, an outdoor exhibition that electrified the grounds of Wardenclyffe with robots, radio, Tesla coils, invention exhibits, Maker Space activities, and more.

Take a virtual tour of the Expo.


ArcAttack Electrifies Wardenclyffe

ArcAttack shocked spectators (literally) at a high-voltage performance at the Tesla Birthday Night Show on July 10. The show featured Tesla coils, electric instruments, rock music—and guests getting zapped by lightning.

Watch video now.



125 Years Ago: Tesla Visits Niagara Falls

On July 19, 1896, Tesla visited the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant, where his invention for the polyphase induction motor was being used to generate electricity. Its success led to the global development of hydroelectric power, now the most widely used form of renewable energy in the world. Although Tesla’s inventions for the plant’s AC electric system made history and its success was the culmination of a lifelong dream to harness the power of Niagara Falls, Tesla had never visited the site prior to July 1896. The moment was captured in a candid interview with the genius engineer himself that was published in The Electrical Review.

Read it here.



Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) is a New York State 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to develop the site of Nikola Tesla’s last remaining laboratory into a transformative global science center that embraces his bold spirit of invention, provides innovative learning experiences, fosters the advancement of new technologies,
and preserves his legacy in the Tesla Museum.


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