To all our TSCW Friends and Supporters,

Today — December 21st — marks one month since the devastating fire that continues to shape the story of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe. As we continue to patiently await reports from local authorities on the official cause of the fire, insurance claims and engineer reports, we are overwhelmed with the response from the community at large of your dedication to seeing this project proceed as we pursue our mission to develop the site and preserve the legacy of Nikola Tesla. In keeping with our promise, we will continue to share with you our priorities and progress each step of the way.




Initiating the stabilization process is still of utmost importance, with a primary focus on urgently bracing the Laboratory roof, chimney, and cupola, all of which sustained significant damage during the recent fire. With the impending colder temperatures and freezing weather, the potential for additional moisture accumulation within the building poses a heightened risk of further damage to the walls and an intensified impact on the laboratory itself. Our immediate priority remains to swiftly secure the necessary funds to address the impending threats and mitigate the damage, providing crucial support while awaiting insurance processing.



Mission: Rebuild

With 37 days left in our TSCW Mission: Rebuild Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we still have our hopes set on raising $3mil that is needed as soon as possible to fund our stabilization project to preserve the Wardenclyffe laboratory. The community has yet again shown that this project is a global effort and we have secured $60,000 to date. We thank all of you who have contributed to this effort and continue to share our urgent appeal to spread awareness. Our donors mean the world to us.

We want to express our sincere apologies for a previously released Perk that underwent insufficient vetting and planning, leading to its subsequent retraction. To clarify further, the invitation to Nikola Tesla’s former Shoreham residence was published in error, as the residence is not affiliated with Tesla Science Center and not available for fundraising. We regret any confusion or distress on the current family that calls Tesla’s former cottage their home.

We value the feedback and input from the community and want to make sure we are offering perks that truly resonate with our supporters.

We recently asked for suggestions for Indiegogo Perk ideas that would make your support of Tesla Science Center even more unforgettable. You asked, we delivered, and the “Bricks for Nik” campaign was launched!

Please help us continue to raise awareness and share the campaign!  



Bricks for Nik

Our “Bricks for Nik” campaign allows you to support TSCW and leave your mark on Wardenclyffe! This special initiative that invites you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this iconic center of knowledge and inspiration.

Tesla Science Center’s “Bricks for Nik” campaign allows you to buy a personalized brick to contribute to the center’s remediation and redevelopment programs. These bricks will be used to construct an 1,800 square-foot patio outside the Visitor Center, set to open in late 2024.

Purchasing a brick not only allows you to personalize it with a name, message, or dedication, but it also symbolizes your commitment to preserving Tesla’s legacy. Beyond the surface, your contribution builds a lasting path to progress, supporting future generations of scientists, engineers, and inventors and honoring Tesla’s vision of a world powered by innovative ideas.




We are excited to update you on the advancements at TSCW’s Eugene Sayan Visitor Center. Despite the significant setback caused by the major fire, along with the ensuing complications and increased costs impacting our redevelopment project, we remain committed to advancing our Visitor Center Plans while concurrently making progress on our Stabilization Project.

Our most recent achievement involved removing a slab on site adjacent to the future visitor center location. This task, while seemingly straightforward, was an incredible feat due to the site’s designation as New York State’s first Brownfield Superfund site being redeveloped into a museum. This has required extensive negotiations, collaboration, and planning with various governmental agencies. After a lengthy process, we received approval, enabling us to proceed with site plans, bringing us one step closer to obtaining the visitor center permit needed to see our vision come to life. 



We expect to receive our final permits soon, which will then allow us to start construction on the Visitor Center with anticipated completion in 2024. Here’s a sneak peek at our plans for the visitor experience at TSCW. This first phase of construction begins our goal to transform our 16-acre campus into a global excellence center that embraces STEAM and futurism, aligning with Nikola Tesla’s visionary work.

All features and exhibits at TSCW are designed to inspire innovation and creativity, connect the past, present and future of Tesla, and capture the feeling of impact, awe and wonder for all ages. The Visitor Center will include a wall of inventions showcasing Tesla’s patents and achievements, invention and business education programs, portable virtual reality exhibits, an interactive timeline & future portal, and an animated mural of Tesla’s wireless transmission tower vision. These exhibits and programs aim to encourage exploration, discovery, and the pursuit of new ideas in line with Tesla’s legacy.

Stay tuned for more updates as they unfold

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