Las Repúblicas: Méritos

– A Performance by Claudia Hilda

FRIDAY, March 15th, 2024

6:00 – 7:00 PM                     

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Free for Members with RSVP

$10 for Non-Members


Dancer and choreographer Claudia Hilda interweaves performance, digital media, and writing to create art that is sensitive, reflective, and widely aware of contemporary times. Méritos, a dance performance that makes up part of the Las Repúblicas series, explores the journey towards awakening and liberation after a lifetime devoted to a failed social-political system. The piece will be presented by Hilda solo, followed by a screening of additional works from Las Repúblicas and a Q&A.


The performer is adorned with countless “merits” represented by golden medals and finds herself burdened by their weight as the true worth and meaning behind them become increasingly unclear. These medals initially seem impossible to shed, ingrained as a second skin in the performer’s body and beliefs. However, through a transformative process of self-release, she surprises herself by slowly peeling them away, symbolizing her liberation from the shackles of conformity.


Las Repúblicas is composed of a series of performances that utilize gesture and visual media to translate the individual and collective struggle for autonomy, freedom, and recognition. The core of this project is located in the body as a symbol of resistance, and nonconformity to abusive power structures that radically corrupt and distort.



Claudia Hilda Rodriguez Pozo is a Cuban New York-based award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer who subtlety interweaves an expanded multidisciplinary practice combining performance, video art, and writing. The art she creates is reflective and widely aware of its contemporary times. It claims freedom, beauty, receptiveness, and innovation, yet is also an expression of combat and resistance as the gestural and visual articulation of the elsewhere communities’ languages, and fights. Inspired by Afro-Cuban rhythms and their sensuality, cultural differences in body language, and bodies as a space of resistance and empowerment, Claudia Hilda approaches art as an exercise that celebrates consciousness and intuition around the body, the mind, and the society.


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Claudia Hilda, photo courtesy of the artist.


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