WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Harnessing the RAIN Technique

and the Five Meditation Hindrances for Self-Knowledge


WEDNESDAY, April 17th, 2024 | 10 AM



Non-Members: $10
Members: Free with RSVP


With a rich meditation practice influenced by Buddhist traditions, Jean-Sébastien Brettes, a certified mindfulness teacher, facilitates a space where self-awareness becomes the pathway. Join us for April’s Wellness Wednesday and explore a deeper understanding of a mindfulness practice that cuts through stress and confusion by mindfully directing attention. This session is designed to guide participants in leveraging the RAIN technique and the five meditation hindrances to embark on a journey of self-discovery, aligning with the principle of humility, which is the founding block of all virtues and true wisdom.


“In meditation, one never fails. A distracted mind presents an opportunity to delve into the nature of our thoughts and, in the process, gain a profound understanding of our patterns of thinking, which is vital for spiritual, ethical, and moral growth” says Brettes. 


His approach reflects both virtues and flaws, considering them equally important in the pursuit of personal development and ethical decision-making. The RAIN technique – Recognizing what is happening, Allowing life to be just as it is, Investigate inner experience with kindness, and Non-Identification – offers a structured approach to mindfully navigate through meditation’s obstacles and beyond the mat, into life’s challenges. When this is integrated with an understanding of the five meditation hindrances – Sensual Desire, Ill-will, Doubt, Sloth-Torpor, and Restlessness/Worry – participants will discover a comprehensive toolkit for self-exploration and spiritual growth. 


Aligned with our existing programs Insight Sundays and Knowledge Fridays, which provide insight into the creative processes of artists and the lives of community leaders, respectively, Wellness Wednesdays encourages attendees to position themselves as dynamic conduits of energy and creativity. 



Jean-Sébastien began practicing Vipassana meditation in 2004. Over time, he has cultivated a consistent daily practice and regularly participates in extended retreats within the Vipassana and Zen traditions. As a Certified Professional Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (CMT-P) accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, Jean-Sébastien’s teaching style focuses on establishing solid meditation fundamentals to equip practitioners with the tools needed for a sustainable personal practice. Beyond meditation, he is a commercial producer and member of Green the Bid, currently launching “All for Earth,” a media initiative for environmental advocacy. Jean-Sébastien combines his mindfulness expertise with his professional acumen to inspire a holistic approach to personal and environmental well-being. 

Photo By Doug Young



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