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January 8, 2024


“How shall we know it is us without our past?”
– John Steinbeck


Scooters Across Bellport Bay, 1900


 Race on Bellport Bay, Winter 1900, by Hal B. Fullerton / to view photo please visit SCHS website. (From the Harry T. Tuthill Fullerton Collection of the Suffolk County Historical Society Library Archives. Image copyright (c) Suffolk County Historical Society. All rights reserved.) 

In this beautiful artful photograph by Hal B. Fullerton, scooters are seen jutting across Bellport Bay at the turn of the twentieth century.

Ice boats known as scooters were used in the 1800s on Bellport Bay by hunters to cross the bay when it was frozen. They featured a semi-flat hull with long metal runners that allowed the boats to “scoot” across open water breaks in the ice. By the early 1900s the scooter was used almost exclusively for hunting and sport, such as for racing.


From New York City’s wealthy elite to Suffolk County’s residents making a living here, Long Island has been recognized as a mecca for sportsmen and sportswomen for over 150 years, earning its own exhibition at the National Sportsman’s Show from 1895 to the 1940s. This new exhibit explores how hunting evolved from necessity to popular sport, eventually leading to the introduction of protective conservation laws.  


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