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Renderings, architectural firm of Roger Ferris + Partners, LLC.



East End Hospice Inpatient Facility


The Need – In over 20 years of managing end-of-life care, East End Hospice has recognized the need for inpatient care with greater efficiency and efficacy than the current arrangement for in-hospital care. Ideally, a hospice patient could live the last days at home with family and friends, yet this is not always possible. Those appropriate for a stay in an inpatient facility include:

• Persons living alone at home

• Those with an impaired primary caregiver

• Young adults with children at home

• Those seeking to decrease the economic burden

• Those seeking temporary respite care

As the number of people aged 65 and over increases, the demand for hospice services will continue to rise. Medicare estimates the need for hospice services will increase annually by 9% over the next two decades.

The Building – Our Inpatient Facility has been designed as a freestanding medical facility with residential character and all necessary equipment to safely accommodate eight patients, the maximum amount allowed by New York State Department of Health regulations for hospice facilities. It has been constructed to conform to the rigorous Life Safety Codes.

Each patient will have a private suite, equipped with medical equipment and oxygen to manage the complex needs of the critically ill while providing comfortable accommodations for patients and family members. The suite includes a sitting or transitional area for family to spend quiet time in private, a bathroom and bedroom as well as a terrace with a beautiful view of the water and access to the outdoors.

A full service nurses’ station with a view of each suite, a private nurses’ lounge, a spa room with soaking tub and grooming station, a private consultation room for meetings with physicians, counselors and families are critical pieces of the facility. A fully equipped kitchen and laundry are available for use by family and staff.

Common areas, including a sunroom, library, and garden, as well as intimate gathering spaces for family and visitors are part of the design. The sunroom and library are set in a wing that wraps protectively around the patient wing – perfectly situated to capture light on the water and stunning East End sunsets. Skylights illuminate the main hallway.

Grounds of the six acre property will be affected as little as possible to preserve the character of this peaceful waterfront setting. Over 55% of the site will be placed in a conservation easement. The facility itself is designed to have meaningful sustainable initiatives.

Project Costs & Capital Campaign

Planning, set-up, and construction costs for this special hybrid building – a medical facility with a residential character – are estimated at $8,000,000.

A capital campaign, Building the Dream, launched in June 2010 with a comprehensive goal of $10 million to include a $2 million endowment.  The campaign has raised over $5.4 million. The campaign was designed to provide opportunities for those on Eastern Long Island and beyond to make generous gifts to East End Hospice.

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East End Hospice — Certified in 1991, East End Hospice, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, has provided services to over 9,000 terminally ill people and their families on Eastern Long Island, primarily in their homes under the direction of professionals, and with valuable assistance from dedicated volunteers. Supporting families through the times of grief and bereavement is an essential part of our Hospice service, including children’s bereavement programs, as well as Camp Good Grief–our acclaimed day camp for children aged 4 to 16, now in its 15 th year. No one shall be denied care by East End Hospice because of inability to pay.
— East End Hospice


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March 29, 2016