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John Jermain Memorial LibraryMain Street, Sag Harbor

Archival photograph courtesy of the John Jermain Memorial Library.


Library Restoration and Expansion

On June 29th 2009 residents of the Sag Harbor School District approved a $9,987,500 referendum for the restoration and expansion of the John Jermain Memorial Library; 84% of votes cast were in favor of the proposal. Additional funds necessary for the project have been sought through a combination of grants and donations.

The Library was commissioned and built by philanthropist Margaret Olivia Sage in memory of her grandfather, Major John Jermain, and presented by her as a gift to the people of Sag Harbor on October 10, 1910. The original building is 7,084 square feet. The three-story addition, including the lower level area dedicated to mechanicals, is 7,267 square feet. The finished project will include:

· Restoration of the interior and exterior of historic building
· An elevator
· Fully Handicapped-accessible building
· Expanded space for children’s, teen and family services
· A climate-controlled archive for rare historic materials
· A new community room for programs and classes

The library received its building permit in March 2012, and began work on the restoration and stabilization of the historic building. The contractor is Trunzo Building, Wainscott, the architectural firm is Newman Architects, New Haven, Connecticut.

The library has been designated as an historic landmark by the Village of Sag Harbor, and is a contributing building within the National Register-listed Sag Harbor Historic District.


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Renovation Architect: Newman Architects, New Haven, Connecticut

General Contractor: Trunzo Builders, Wainscott

Project Description: Restoration of existing Beaux Arts structure, with a 7,200 square foot addition, doubling the size of the original library. Constructed with limestone, hard-burnt red brick, glass and stainless steel, the new addition, informal and asymmetrical, will conform to the circumstances of the site.

Project Cost: $ 9.987 million

Project Funding: $ 10 million, raised via public referendum, private fund-raising and endowments

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Copy, archival photo & renderings courtesy of the John Jermain Memorial Library.


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