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Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities (SPLIA) is pleased to announce the season opening of the Custom House in Sag Harbor.

The 18th century Custom House, a historic landmark in the village of Sag Harbor, will be offering guided tours from now until Columbus Day.

The house was owned by Sag Harbor’s first United States Custom Master, Henry Packer Dering, who was in charge of meeting the coastal trading vessels and ocean-going whaling ships which sailed into the harbor.

The activities of Dering, his wife and nine children are vividly portrayed in room settings and interpretive exhibits and guided tours bring to life the bustling history of this seafaring community and the Dering’s place in it.

Administered by the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, the Custom House is located on Main and Garden Streets in Sag Harbor.


Custom House, 1789


         Main and Garden Streets, Sag Harbor

         7 days a week through July and August, 10am-5pm

         Last tour 4:30

         Groups by appointment only,

         (631) 692-4664.

Adults $6.00

Children (7-14) $3.00

Seniors: $5.00


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Customs House S. Elev. Detail @ 940 22455

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Customs House 8.28.13 # 689 @ 840 22450


Photographs copyright Jeff Heatley.