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Delft Dog Figurine: seated spotted dog on uneven octagonal polychromed base enhanced with featured scrolls. 7″ high. Delft Cat Figurine: seated cat on uneven octagonal polychromed base enhanced with feathered scrolls. 7″ high.

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Delft Urn, with dog finial covers: polychromed octagonal with central cartouches of lemon trees with lion and ships in background; lemons in cartouches. Inscription, “Hier Rustikveyi IG.” Dutch 18 th century. 13″ high.

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Delftware flagon, mulberry spatterware with dome pewter lid with ball stop inscribed “Georg Hirt – 1769″ and pewter collar base. Flagon decorated with a central cartouche with shells and basket of fruit in round reserve and harp handle. English, indicated Wincanton origin. 11″ high.

delft pg 31

Polychromed Delft plate with butterfly and floral motif with central vase with fruit, flowers and fern in fan shape. Date:  1690-1725. 9″ diameter.

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Delftware charger featuring a young boy holding a parasol over a young girl in demure pose with tree and cloud and floral borders. Bristol, England. Date: ca. 1760. 13 1/2″ diameter.

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Delft charger decorated with a woman under a weeping tree with scrafetti decorated border and lake. Late 17 th century. 13 1/4″ diameter.


 Photographs by Sam Lebowitz, “Delftware from the Gill Patterson Collection at the Shelter Island Historical Society,” published 2012.  Available at Shelter Island Historical Society [].

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