AAQ - Osborne House # 885 4892

Isaac Osborne House, 88 Newtown Lane, East Hampton


Built 1840s


Purchased by Village of East Hampton from the Osborne family in 2008 to preserve and enhance the residential & historic character of Newtown Lane. The restored house will be used for municipal offices.

Plans and specifications were by Drew B. Bennett, P.E.  and Robert Hefner, Director of Historic Services for the Village of East Hampton. The design of the new front door enframement was based upon historic photographs, the sample of a smilar doorway by the same builder and by the principles prescribed in Asher Benjamin’s pattern books of the 1830s and 1840s.  

 Carpentry by Strada Baxter Design/Build. The front door enframement and new windows by Maurer & Shepherd Joyners Inc.

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