Watercolors by Eloise Payne Luquer, grandniece of John Howard Payne, 1885. 


In 1879, Arthur W. Benson established the Montauk Association and invited friends to build cottages on a treeless, hilly site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, just east of the Ditch Plain Life Saving Station. Seven of the original Shingle Style cottages, and an association clubhouse, were designed by the New York City architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White, beginning work on the project in 1881. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead designed the site plan for the seven cottages and clubhouse. In 1976, the Montauk Association was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Eloise Payne Luquer, grandniece of John Howard Payne, who wrote “Home! Sweet Home!” in 1822, painted watercolors of the association clubhouse and six of the original seven cottages in 1885, presented here courtesy of the Long Island Collection at the East Hampton Library.


AAQ - Luqur - Andrew Cottage 15780

 Andrew Cottage, 1884


AAQ - Luqur - Andrew Cottage 15784

 Agnew Cottage, 1884


Benson Cottage add

Benson Cottage, 1883


AAQ - Luqur - Clubhouse 15782



AAQ - Luqur - DeForrest Cottage 15781

DeForrest Cottage, 1882


AAQ - Luqur - Hoyt Clubhouse 15783

Hoyt Cottage, 1883


AAQ - Luqur - Sanger Cottage 15785

Sanger Cottage, 1883


AAQ - Map of Montauk Assoc. 15785

1916 Montauk Map Detail


Watercolors & map courtesy of East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection, with special thanks to Gina Piastuck for research assistance.