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June 29, 2017



 June 13, 2017


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Archival & Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Moran House. Archival Photo, 1950. Courtesy of David Lamb.


Moran House. Harvey Ginsberg Postcard Collection. Courtesy of the East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection.


Contractor: John Hummel & Associates


Chet Mitrani Plastering, LLC

Copper Crafts, Inc.

Davis Construction Building Movers

Dellapolla Landscaping & Masonry

J. Hagen Concrete

Jim Field & Sons Painting

Kolb Mechanical

Leander Arnold, Masonry

Weathervane fabricated by Robert Linker at The Irony

VISIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AAQ/Portfolio/Art: Thomas Moran Album



VISIT: Moran Studio, East Hampton / Historic Structure Report, 2009,

by Robert Hefner w/ Rosanne Barons


Photographs, except archival, copyright, Jeff Heatley Photography

Assigned by the Thomas Moran Trust