The Waterfront property – 2 ½ acres in the center of the tiny New Suffolk hamlet – has been preserved by NSWF as an open, park-like setting with only 2 buildings remaining from the past. Throughout its history, this property had been a very densely developed commercial site – a busy port and the home of a flourishing oyster and scallop fishing industry.

As the only deep-water marina on the Bay west of Greenport, it was the site of trials for the US Navy’s first submarine, the USS Holland. The port served as a submarine base from 1897-1905.



  • to preserve and protect New Suffolk’s unique and historic waterfront in ways that respect the property’s scenic beauty and maritime heritage;
  • to support recreational, educational, and commercial activities on the site that enhance community life and are environmentally sustainable for both the uplands and the bay;
  • to assure public access opportunities now and for future generations.


Courtesy of the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund.

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Contractor for Jettys and Marina is Latham Sand & Gravel of Peconic  John Hocker.


Waterfront photographs © Jeff Heatley.