UPDATE: Nikola Tesla / Wardenclyffe / Tesla Science Center / September 10, 2020


“tesla” = standard unit of magnetic induction

August 2, 2019. Tesla’s Lab designed by architect Stanford White. 



Our mission is to transform Nikola Tesla’s only existing laboratory into a museum and global science center that empowers all people around the world through education, research and entrepreneurship. Infused with Tesla’s ethos of advancing science for the betterment of humanity.   






In 1901 Tesla acquired 200 acres in Shoreham, called Wardenclyffe, with plans to build a “Radio City” that would transmit information and electric power around the world without wires. The project was funded by tycoon JP Morgan, and Tesla commissioned renowned architect Stanford White and his firm to design and build a laboratory and 187-foot transmitting tower. In 1903, Morgan discontinued funding the project after Marconi sent a weak radio transmission across the Atlantic using 17 of Tels’a patents. Unable to raise funds, Tesla was forced to end the project and in 1917 the tower was deconstructed to pay off his debts. Wardenclyffe laboratory  was sold and used commerciallyfrom the 1930s until 1987.

The site fell into disrepair and was in danger of demolition until TSCW’s founding Board, along with supporters from around the world, raised enough funds in 2013 to purchase and preserve Wardenclyffe. Foirtunately, the tower’s octagonal base remains, as does the historic brick laboratory.

The site is owned and operated by TSCW, a non-profit organization.

— Courtesy of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

Tower Foundation Detail. 



———- Site Visit August 2, 2019 ———-  

The Lab — lab to be restored, commercial building to be removed. 

Commercial building to be removed.

Building to be removed.


The Bauer House, south elevation — to be restored & to become the TSCW Visitor Center.  

The Bauer House, north elevation.


Former commercial building to remain. 


Recently restored Lab Cupola to be re-installed. 


Sign on site:  



“Every donation goes directly to our mission to build

on Tesla’s dream of scientific advancement

for the benefit of humanity.”


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