Title of Architecture magazine review by Andrea Oppenheimer Dean, December, 1989.






Across the lintel of the entry to the sanctuary is inscribed the blessing: 

Hallelujah. Blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord.

We bless you out of the House of the Lord.

You are my God. I will thank you my God.

I will await you. 

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good 

for his loving kindness endures forever. 

— Gates of the Grove brochure, 1990.





Supporting the Bimah, in the alcoves and in the woodwork and the windows that flank the Ark, are designs recalling trees. They connect to the mystic Tree of Life and to the trees behind the building. Where the columns change and angle to support the ceiling, parallel incisions suggest the candles of the menorah. The menorah motif itself is derived from the Tree of Life. — Gates of the Grove brochure, 1990.















Architektur und Wohnen, 1990, double page spread.    


Architecture / Magazine Cover (vertical detail color), December 1989.









—————– ADDENDA —————–


     ~~~~~~~~~~~ Working Models ~~~~~~~~~~~   

First model design (above) and the final ‘saw tooth’ joint (below), which was based on a suggestion of Randall Rosenthal, following multiple design ideas.



Working model photos courtesy of the artist Randall Rosenthal, who constructed the models during the design development phase of the project. He also designed the Star of David shingles, built the Eternal Light, and carved the lettering throughout. Rosenthal won AIA Religious Art awards, 1998, for the Ark Doors design & for the service furniture. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AWARDS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Norman Jaffe was elevated to Fellowship in the

American Institute of Architects on May 19, 1991.


Visit: Norman Jaffe | Thoughts on Architecture, November 28, 1983


Norman Jaffe: Gates of the Grove, East Hampton, 1988 / Posted 2013.

Norman Jaffe: 565 Fifth Avenue, NYC, 1993


Sketches by Norman Jaffe. 

Photographs © Jeff Heatley. Photographed in 1988 – 1989 for Norman Jaffe.

AAQ Portfolio | Content selected & arranged by Jeff Heatley. 


Architect, Associates, Contractors

Norman Jaffe, FAIA Architect

Design Team Associates

Keith Boyce, Project Manager

Miles Jaffe

Randall Rosenthal (pictured at Ark w/Torah, alcove scrolls). Also, fabricated the Eternal Light, designed by Jaffe.

Peter Johnston

John Kneski

Tom Moeller

Engineer: Thomas Reilly, PE

General Contractor: Dave Webb, Inc.

Millwork: David Flatt, including Bimah

Glazing: Otto Glass

Masonry: Robert Kessler, Inc.

Lighting: Herb Levine



 Interior wood: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Stone flooring: Valder’s Limestone

Exterior shingles: 5/4″ Red Cedar Handsplits


Jewish Center of the Hamptons 

44 Woods Lane

East Hampton, NY 11937



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