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The mission of the North Sea Maritime Center at the Historic Tupper Boathouse is to preserve Southampton’s maritime heritage through educational and recreational programs that increase the awareness and relevance of historical and contemporary marine activities.



The preliminary vision for the North Sea Maritime Center at the Historic Tupper Boathouse will fulfill the mission by establishing the following programs and facilities to benefit our community.

1. A wooden boat building facility.

2. A Maritime Museum focusing on North Sea, Southampton’s first port.

3. Classes to teach local maritime history, water navigation, sailing, boating safety, basic boat maintenance and other marine related programs and activities.

4. An aquaculture education facility.

5. A facility where the Southampton schools and other educational institutions can have field experiences, host marine related programs and events, and offer educational workshops.




Community Participation Matters


The Historic Tupper Boathouse committee seeks additional ideas & support for our mission to establish the North Sea Maritime Center.

Please contact us at — www.northseamaritimecenter@gmail.com

Share ideas and get involved.

— Mark C. Matthews Architecture P.C. 



     The Tupper Boathouse is a bridge connecting the historical marine economy with the establishment of a newer cultural economy of the late 20th Century for Southampton Town that is now widely recognized worldwide as part of “The Hamptons”.

The Tupper Boathouse at 1976 North Sea Road is located adjacent to Conscience Point, North Sea, one of the most historic areas of Southampton Town. As the Place of landing for the Southampton Plantation, it was also an early port area and a place for the first expansion of the settlement in the 1650s, giving rise to an early period of scrambling for its real estate.

The Boathouse site is referenced in old deeds from 1750 to the 1900s as “the boat lot” indicating its long and familiar use in the Town’s history. Located on North Sea Harbor, the site provided boat owners access to the waters of Peconic Bay and its rewards.

Both Conscience Point and the site of the Boathouse locations were once commonly owned for almost 200 years by the Reeve family, following in part earlier ownership by the Jennings family.

Tupper Boathouse at Conscience Point

1976 North Sea Road, North Sea

May 21, 2013 (revised)

Ed Wesnofske, Landmarks and Historic Districts Board



Text & Images courtesy of the North Sea Maritime Center. 


For further information, please visit: www.northseamaritimecenter.org


June 26, 2020

—– Sign at Restoration Site.

Phase 1: Life and Stabilize cost $1,292,000, of which $ 855,000 was paid for with 2 grants from NYS Parks using Sandy Assistance funds. The rest came from Southampton Town sources. 


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