New Report from the Preserve Plum Island Coalition:

Envision Plum Island’s Future

For the past two years, Save the Sound, The Nature Conservancy, and the Preserve Plum Island Coalition (of which the Trust is a member) worked with over 200 stakeholders and environmental consultants Marstel-Day to develop a plan for Plum Island’s future. The vision: permanent conservation, habitat protection, cultural experiences, and reuse of Plum Island’s existing infrastructure to maintain skilled jobs compatible with conservation.

Check out the Envision Plum Island report here.

The House of Representatives may take up a vote on repeal language in the 2021 appropriations bill that will achieve Step 1 of the vision: stopping the sale of Plum Island.
We could use your help – please consider reaching out to your Representative to ask for their support. Save the Sound has created this simple form that will send your U.S. representative an email asking them to pass repeal language this year.
And, our thanks to Representatives Zeldin, Courtney and DeLauro, for their support on this important conservation initiative.


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